How to work for ultraviolet disinfection boxes?
UV disinfection boxes use UV short wave (UVC) technology, which can effectively kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms through ultraviolet radiation. This ultraviolet rays have high energy and can destroy the genetic material of microorganisms, thereby preventing their growth and reproduction, and achieved a thorough cleaning effect.

What items are applicable to UV disinfection boxes?
UV disinfection boxes are suitable for various daily necessities, including but not limited to mobile phones, wallets, masks, watches, keys, glasses, jewelry, cosmetics, toys, etc. They can all be placed in a disinfectant for thorough ultraviolet disinfection.

Is it safe to use UV disinfection boxes?
UV disinfection boxes are safe, especially under normal use. Our ultraviolet disinfection box is equipped with a security perception device. Once the lid is opened, the ultraviolet rays are automatically closed immediately to avoid directly exposed the human body and ensure the safety of users.

How long is the disinfection time of ultraviolet disinfection boxes?
The disinfection time will vary depending on the ultraviolet disinfection boxes of different models and brands. Generally, the disinfection time is between a few minutes and ten minutes, and the specific time will be indicated in the product manual or description page.

Is the power and effect of ultraviolet disinfection boxes strong enough?
Our ultraviolet disinfection boxes have been carefully designed and strictly tested to ensure that the power and effect are strong enough. It can completely disinfect the items on the surface in a short period of time to ensure your health and safety

Can it be returned or exchanged?
Yes, we support returns and exchanges. Specific returns and exchanges can be found on our official website.

Are there any other discounts?
Yes, we often hold different preferential activities. You can follow our official website to get the latest discount information.

What payment methods do you accept?
We support the use of multiple credit card/debit card payment, including but not limited to VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, etc.