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ABS can adapt to the continuous high temperature environment and is an environmentally friendly material that will not pollute the environment.

Product packaging
UV disinfection box manual Type-c line × 1

Push type

Product Specification

Steps for usage
Click the switch button to automatically open the cover
Put the supplies that need to be disinfected in the middle
Closing the lid machine automatically sterilizes the disinfection box is shown in red
When you hear two beeps, the disinfection is completed and the disinfection box is displayed in blue

With ultra-strong ultraviolet technology, it can sterilize all aspects
Easy to clean, healthy and hygienic
180 minutes super battery life
Ultraviolet disinfection lamp has a sterilization rate of 99% and a mite removal rate of 100%
Waterproof and moisture-proof durable
The working sound is small, the operation is low decibel, and the sleep is not disturbed

Product Description
This product is made of ABS material, high temperature resistance, strong and beautiful. The intelligent ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization box is equipped with UVC disinfection lamps, which can effectively kill and inhibit bacterial reproduction.
It can penetrate into all corners of the object and achieve deep sterilization in all directions. Waterproof and dustproof design, whether it is to disinfect cups or tableware, or sterilize toys, it is very convenient to clean. And, when not in use, it can also be used as an item storage box.

Scenes to be used
Glasses Jewelry Nail Tools Medical Supplies Pet Clothing Toys Suitable for daily disinfection items

For people


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