The following is the transportation policy of our store:

Transportation method:
We will choose the appropriate transportation method according to your delivery address and order details. Under normal circumstances, we will choose a reliable logistics company or courier partner to ensure that your products can be delivered safely and on time.

Delivery time:
We will ship as soon as possible after receiving your order and confirm the payment. Under normal circumstances, we will complete the delivery preparations within 1-3 working days. If special circumstances lead to delay in delivery, we will communicate with you in time and explain the reason.

We will confirm the product information and email address with you within 48 hours after you place an order.

Transportation timeliness:
The timing of transportation will depend on your selected transportation method, receiving address and transportation distance. We will try our best to ensure the fast and time of transportation, but please understand that in specific circumstances (such as remote areas, bad weather, etc.), the transportation time may be prolonged.

Package tracking:
After the product is issued, we will provide the package tracking information. You can check the parcel transport status on the logistics company website through the courier number we provided. In this way, you can understand the location and expected delivery time in real time.

Parcel delivery:
When the parcel is delivered, you must carefully check whether the product is intact after receiving the package. If you find that the goods are damaged or other problems, please contact us in time within 48 hours after receiving, so that we can deal with after -sales problems in time.

The transportation cost will be calculated based on factors such as your order amount, transportation method and receiving address. When you place an order, the system will automatically display the corresponding transportation cost, and you can check the total cost before settlement.

Tariffs and taxes:
In some cases, VAT or other taxes may be generated, such as tariffs or fees levied by destination countries/regions. These expenses are determined by the relevant customs and tax departments of destination countries/regions, and you are borne by you.

We cannot control these fees and cannot predict the amount. If you need more information, please send an email to our customer service team to learn more about the situation

The customs and tax policies of various countries are very different. You should check your local customs law and tell us your requirements after ordering; when you need to go through the customs clearance procedures, it will cause delays to be beyond our original delivery expected time. The taxes or customs clearance costs will be paid by yourself.

The specific amount and applicable rules of tariffs and taxes are different due to the country/region. Please consult the relevant departments or learn more about the relevant policies of the destination country/region before placing an order.

Please note that the above transportation policies are for reference only, and the specific transportation details may be adjusted due to regional and special orders. We will continue to optimize our transportation services to provide a better shopping experience. If you have any questions about the transportation policy or need to learn more, please contact our customer service team at any time. Thank you for your support and understanding of us!